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What is Project Based Learning

Project-based learning is a teaching method that engages students in projects that are meaningful, enjoyable, and relevant. Students are given project-based assignments that are tailored to their needs and skill sets. It is an active form of learning for students where they learn by doing.

Why Project-Based Learning

Student-led learning

Students at the center of the learning journey

Develop analytical approach

It fosters teamwork and problem-solving skills​

Develop real-world skills

Project-based learning focuses on higher-order thinking skills, creativity, and collaboration.

Active hands-on learning

Multiple studies have shown that passive rote learning from textbooks is insufficient to prepare a student for today’s world.

Improved affinity towards Math and Science

Project-Based Learning has proven to create improved attitudes toward math and science in students compared to those who did not participate in Project-Based Learning activities.

Why Tapas?

The Campus

It is equipped with open learning spaces designed to aid learning amongst mixed age and ability groups.

Cambridge syllabus

IGCSE standards customised to make learning more holistic and interconnected.

Future Readiness

helps students explore real-world knowledge through active exploration.


The syllabus weaves in the concepts of science, math, art, technology, and engineering into projects that learners work on.


Interaction with professionals on topics like hydroponics, robotics, visual thinking, automotive engineering, Indo-Jazz fusion music, beatboxing, marketing to name a few.

Project-Based Learning

Tapas ensures deeper engagement and interaction with learning content that encourages higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills.

When will the session begin?

Enrolments are underway for the 2024-25 cohort. The session is set to begin in June 2024.

How can one be part of this wonderful community?

Fill up the interest form. You will receive the Thought Alignment form. On the basis of this, you will be invited to meet us. This meeting will ascertain whether our philosophies (your philosophy as parents and our philosophy as educators) match.

Who can be part of this great learning community?

Children in grades Pre Nursery to 5 will be accepted into the institution for the elementary program in 2024. The institution will eventually cater to the needs of learners who are in the 6th grade and upwards.

Meet our people

Founding Team


Our activities


How to enroll your child to Tapas? Easy!

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