• Speciality: Director

Ms. Arya P Tirtha holds a Masters in philosophy and a Masters in Psychology. She is also a Counsellor. Early in her school days, she found teaching and educating to be her truest passion, one that gave her joy. She used to teach underprivileged children their school subjects while imparting moral education alongside and has done so for more than three decades. Fourteen years ago she took up a franchise of Podar Jumbo Kids, in Puttenhalli.

"As someone has rightly said, teaching children to count is excellent, but teaching them what counts is more important."

She walked into the path of early childhood education, believing that if one wants to make a change, one must start young. She felt this was a path that held the good of her principles. Coming from a family of educators, starting a school was always a dream. She is the Vice- president of Tirtha Ashrama, a social service institution and an ardent advocate of Animal Rights. She is a member of SPCA and PFA, and has worked tirelessly for the prevention of cruelty against animals. She is an avid reader and has a particular affinity for fiction. she has always believed the fiction reveals what reality obscures. She is also a strong advocate of equal opportunities for women in all walks of life, emphasising the eradication of a vicious gender imbalance in the parliament, the police force, and the armed forces. She is a strong environmentalist, and is working towards the prevention of encroachment of forest land, and attempting to re-establish the concept of sustainable living. She had aimed to be able to one day, start a mainstream school for everyone that seeks knowledge, with no disparity in social status or wealth of the child. she believes that Education is not the learning of facts, but the learning of the mind to think and is thrilled to be starting, Tapas, a progressive Educational Institution with those core philosophies.