Founders’ Message

Welcome to Tapas Progressive Institution. Tapas is a micro-school with a vision to make a macro difference. Tapas is a mission-driven progressive educational institution. Our curriculum has been designed to keep the learner at the centre. It focuses on the holistic development of the students by ensuring access, equity, relevance, quality, and strong foundational learning.

At Tapas, we focus on value-based learning that teaches children to be contributing citizens and not just consumers. We believe that concepts are not inherently complex – it’s the way we equip the students with the right mindset and skillset to thrive that makes the difference. Our curriculum is designed to do just that. We have created an environment where adults act as facilitators, challenging the children to think critically and expand their learning. The learning experiences are complemented by our state of the art collaborative learning spaces including the art village and makers’ space, amongst others.

I’m excited to welcome you on this journey – a journey we will undertake together in the process of igniting the light of curiosity in your child.


We aim to create experiential learning opportunities for children to hone their curiosity and give them the impetus to be the best they can be.


We strive to be the educational institute of choice in India offering holistic education for our community of responsible, global citizens; renowned for our excellence.

Man makes various decisions at different points of life. Decisions about education, about love and about work are amongst the most critical and tough ones to make. The raison d’etre for this venture is to make the decision making process “easy” for parents as far as “education” is concerned. Parents are left with way too many options in front of them when it comes to “educating” their child(ren). Tapas is a story of simplicity, connections and reality with a bed rock of values, philosophies, heightened knowledge and its application.

Below are some comments about the present, conventional approach to education that we all intuitively know to be true.

‘The subject-centric, didactic, one-size-fits-all model is widely recognized as insufficient. Educational transformation is an immediate requirement.’ OECD, 2018.

“Given the transforming economic and social environments of the twenty-first century, ‘industrial’ approaches to education are increasingly in-congruent with our current and future context. This mismatch leads many stakeholders within and outside of the education system toward the belief that ‘educational systems are broken’. Global Education Futures report, 2018

The National Educational Policy (NEP) 2020 aims to transform education, keeping the learner at the centre. It focuses on the holistic development of the learners by ensuring access, equity, relevance, quality and strong foundational learning.

Who we are

The best learning space for your child

TAPAS – A progressive educational institution, has been constituted to overcome the challenges that plague today’s education system. Tapas is an innovative space that combats the twin problems of learner disengagement and low academic achievement.

Taking inspiration from our ancient wisdom, extracting the best of the current proficiencies, deeply rooted in a vision for a sustainable tomorrow, Tapas is a micro institution with macro ideals.

What we do

Understand and respect every child

The experiential approach at Tapas, aspires to create dynamic, diverse and evolving learning ecosystems which enable all young people to be lifelong learners, leveraging a broader and more powerful range of resources than ever before.

Tapas thrives on child centric learning as a model and enables full potential within each child by building robust, individual educational plans with prompts that trigger unique strengths within each child.


Underlying Purpose

We are here to establish experiential educational institutions that create lifelong learners in teachers & children alike, who will thrive in personalized, project-based learning environments where all are given the impetus to be the best they can be! The outcome therefore, will be a committed community of responsible, global citizens who have child-like curiosity, sage-like wisdom and bee-like energy for a better tomorrow!