At Tapas, we follow the Cambridge syllabus, customised to make the learning more holistic and interconnected. We offer unique learning opportunities to the children, all centred around the aim of achieving the requisite Learning Outcomes. Our curriculum is tailored to keep each individual student’s learning in mind, thus giving each student the individual attention they need.
Learning Outcomes
The learning outcomes are achieved through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) education, implemented through a Project-based learning approach. When students learn through project-based learning, learning becomes fun and students gain more depth and context. In Project-based learning, students gain knowledge whilst also honing their skills, making education more engaging.
Project Based Learning
At Tapas, we try to help students develop holistically, equipping them with essential life skills. At Tapas, we have open learning spaces that are for mixed age and ability groups. This helps stimulate deeper learning, a consciousness regarding the environment, collaboration, and empathy. There is learning in every activity we do. Our scientifically tailored curriculum ensures that we are using the right teaching methodologies to ensure complete learning. To further this motive, we have classes dedicated to different faculties of learning – visual thinking, hydroponics, gardening, fun with math, radio, sculpting, videography, robotics, music, dance, pottery, etc.

Some unique learning opportunities at Tapas are:

Video and photo documentation – Children will get trained to use the devices at school to document their own and their peer learning. They will learn to capture and edit the required processes and products they create. They will learn the art of presenting their creations. This will help children to learn useful skills such as observation, complementing, presentation and language, visualization, and overall aesthetic development.

School Radio – Children will learn to use the school radio equipment such as the microphones, speakers, broadcast mixing desk, etc. to broadcast their thoughts across the school. Giving children a voice, the Tapas School Radio will ensure that children learn the responsibility of being given a voice.

Hydroponics – Learning to grow your own food is an essential skill that we need today. Children will learn about this sustainable method of farming, by tending to the hydroponic garden at Tapas.

Paper Making from waste – At Tapas, we walk the talk. Children learn to make their own paper out of waste. With the recycled paper unit at school, children learn to use, reuse and recycle responsibly. The paper thus produced will be used for schoolwork, like certificates, décor, files and folders, etc.

Terracotta Kiln at the Art Village – The soothing clay will help with the children’s creativity and motor skills development. By providing high sensorial input, it offers children a concrete way to express themselves and increases their self-esteem.

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