Defining the Core Values


Asthitva is an acronym that defines the core values that we follow at Tapas.

A – Accountability

Education has to become a collective responsibility, where the learner takes complete cognizance of his own actions and consequences.

S – Sustainability

Learners must be rooted in principles of sustainability that provide the right lens for viewing the future. This will seep into the curriculum, the learner’s home and in turn the learner’s habits for life. Sustainability will not just be a guiding value, it becomes a practice in terms of the environment around us and goes right into the roots of our inner strength & learning.

T – Teamwork and Collaboration

To recognise the strengths that others offer and to work together to help each other grow, becomes the crux of team work and collaboration.

H – Humanism and Humility

Humanism & Humility build a strong character and that is what we want our learners and teachers to follow and embody.

I – Inclusiveness and Diversity

To take pride in being unique, to accept differences and respect them, to understand the diversity of backgrounds, are lessons that are crucial for a better tomorrow.

T – Thought Leadership and Innovation

To question, to think beyond the box and to be innovative are essential qualities that our learners will be encouraged to practice

V – Veracity and Integrity

By practicing honesty and integrity, our learners will be encouraged to forge strong relationships that last a lifetime. They pave way for children to lead a fulfilling life with empathy and morals.

A – Adaptability

Change is the only constant, hence adaptability becomes a necessary trait to be practiced in daily life. It is the one game changer always, it makes us future-ready and lets us explore newer avenues with an open mind.

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