The School is a place with a heart! It is the heart that makes school pleasurable. We call this the ‘Prana’. The Prana gives life to Tapas. Tapas is centred around activities that help students learn from the littlest things around them. These simple little experiences and the interactions between students, facilitators and industry experts are what shape their personality for the future. It is what will help them become global and digital citizens of tomorrow. Through Tapas, we see this manifesting in the day-to-day life for everyone.

  • Tapas for the child – my voice is heard, my mind is unraveled, I FEEL safe and happy, I am learning and developing myself in an environment that takes care of my social and emotional well-being with dignity and respect.
  • Tapas for the workforce – my experiences change every year, I feel valued for my expertise, I get to learn as I teach, I do not feel stressed or judged, I feel safe emotionally and socially and I am treated with respect and love
  • Tapas for the planet – my presence is respected, I am an integral priority, I feel the love from the community at Tapas, I AM BECOMING cleaner and greener

Tapas is a judgment-free zone that seeks only to teach and enlighten. Walk in and experience the Tapas Way of learning.