Pedagogical Direction


At Tapas, the curriculum becomes the compass for a child’s developmental journey, in this learning process, a multi-disciplinary approach emphasizing on social skills, emotional intelligence, life skills and more, which integrates subjects and makes learning seamless becomes pivotal.


A Multi-disciplinary approach that ensures that children are not learning subjects in silos. Learning is holistic, interconnected and contextual.

Nature Based Education

Education at Tapas is weaved with various elements from nature. Nature Based Education not only brings the best out of the child, it helps children live and learn in simplicity while at school and build memories for a lifetime. It is these, intangible, priceless memories we all hold close to our hearts from our good old summer vacations at the grandparents’’ village. This form of education will be urbanized and blended with advancements so that children get to dip their feet in both the past and the future at the same time. Examples of activities at Tapas under this segment include urban farming, organic vegetable garden, nature appreciation, baking age-old recipes, feeding animals, caring for plants, etc.

Creative Arts

Children are multi-faceted, we tend to put blinkers on them in the name of focus, this often limits children and confines their creative space. Creative Arts are an integral part of any strong learning process. The human body needs input in various forms to grow developmentally and sensorially, this is taken care of when children are exposed to various forms of visual and performing arts, integrated into conceptual learning.


The study of vāda-vidhi will be most useful in trans-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research work because today research in any one discipline is hardly sufficient. The voice of a child needs to be listened to and a platform must be provided for that. World forums become an easy stage for children who experience world class debates right in their backyard at school. Debating – Critical thinking, analysis and other higher order thinking skills are developed when student led forums and oratory clubs become second home on buzzing topics at school.

Life Skills and Vocational education

With all this blended in, what is life if the hands, heart and head do not work together? This is where Tapas inculcates young learners with practices that make them well-equipped and independent with activities of daily life, life Skills and vocational education. No amount of real-world experience teaches us enough for the future. At Tapas, we believe that the tender hands grow firm and strong with readiness right from programming apps all the way up to changing tires for cars. Emphasis on making the child self-sufficient is the basis with which we operate.


Various life lessons emerge with scenario-based learning. We believe in creating world class simulated experiences that put children in a sandbox environment and learn what it Leadership means. Tapas will focus on scenario-based learning with powerful debrief capsules which instill conscious leadership and responsibility.

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