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School days are Monday – Friday.
The timings are 8.30 AM – 3 PM* (Conditional to Govt. Regulations revolving COVID)

Tapas caters to students from pre nursery to Grade 5.
The term starts in June 2023
The new campus is coming up in Vajarahalli.

Progression comes from moving away from inertia. The education system has been stuck in a state of inertia for quite a long period. Tapas is moving the needle when it comes to sustainable education – this is what we call progressive education. We believe that the most important tool in growing as a person is being curious and letting the learner take control of their learning journey. We are building a community of learners and teachers that are encouraged to question and never settle.

The Greek philosopher Plutarch said – “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” Keeping that as a guiding principle, Tapas is creating progressive educational institutions that are centered around experiential learning.

At Tapas, we do not believe in restricting a child’s learning capabilities with grades. Children learn beyond textbooks. Children are not limited to age groups or classrooms and engage in peer learning. Children have the freedom to choose the pace and direction of learning. Children mingle and learn in mixed-age environments that have been designed to stimulate learning, collaboration, and empathy.

At Tapas, we follow a multi-disciplinary approach to education – emphasising holistic development, ranging from the development of social, emotional intelligence, and life skills. Tapas follows an experiential form of learning integrating STEAM, nature-based education, creative arts, debate schools, leadership, and life & vocational education.

The learner or the child is at the core of our system and drives every decision made regarding the learning system. The framework for our curriculum and assessments are derived from our core values which define the considerations and parameters for developing the curriculum. Our assessment systems measure and reward understanding of the concepts rather than the memorisation of it. This helps the assessments be more deep, meaningful and personal thus providing truer insights for planning the future experiences of the child.

Every sapling needs pebbles around it to support and protect it, helping it grow. While at Tapas, parents are encouraged to understand the child’s learning, they are asked not to assist the child with the work given. Since the intention is to ensure that the onus of learning is on the child, they will be required to find the resources to complete the given work. To further this motive, we have developed an application for easing communication between parents and the school.

While mother tongue usage will be welcome between students, the medium of instruction will be English. Children will be exposed to many languages using the ‘cultural immersion’ model where children will learn about each other’s languages through popular songs and stories. The environment will be rich with different languages.

Yes, Tapas will welcome all children with open arms. A ratio of 80:20 is followed to ensure that children with special needs will get the benefits of being around neurotypical children.

In progressive education, there are no extracurriculars. The word ‘extra’ symbolises something that is surplus to needs. At Tapas, however, all pursuits culminate in learning – be it academic or non-academic. Students at Tapas learn from art, sports, nature amongst other sources. We believe there is learning to be taken from all aspects of life and nature.

The admission process is based on a set of interviews with the parents to align thoughts.

Yes, there are 20 partial scholarships in the academic year of 2021-22.

Yes, and the students are served a healthy and wholesome lunch daily.

Tapas is equipped with tie-ups with nearby specialists in case of emergencies.

Tapas is tied-up with an excellent service provider and transport is available on request.

Children can choose to appear for IGCSE board exams or appear as an independent candidate through NIOS.

Children will enjoy the freedom of wearing what their mood defines! Tapas requests parents to send children in comfortable clothing, devoid of frills and extra embellishments, easy to manage, and inexpensive enough to let children get messy!

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Main School campus:

#213, B.M Kaval, Bangalore South Taluk, Off Kanakapura Road, Bangalore - 560082

Early Years Campus:

586B, Vajarahalli Main Road, Off Kanakapura Main Road, Banashankari 6th Stage, Kanakapura road, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560062

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