Progressive Education School in Bangalore

Progressive Education School in Bangalore

Tapas is a Progressive Education School based in Banashankari, Bangalore! 

Tapas School has a different take on education for children and it’s quite unique! 

Want to make learning fun and meaningful so that your kids can grow into well-rounded individuals? Check out this article for the details.

Why Progressive Education play an important role in school education?

Schooling for children nowadays entails much more than just textbooks and exams; 

It entails providing children with a holistic growing opportunity that will prepare them for the future

And develop them into well-rounded individuals. 

One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to develop innovative learning programmes

That allow children to exercise their curiosity and learn in a variety of ways.

The new way forward is interactive learning that moves away from the traditional teacher-student module, 

And kids can benefit greatly from this approach, which Tapas progressive school provides for your child.

Progressive Education School

What is Tapas doing as Progressive Education School In Bangalore?

The Cambridge syllabus is central to the school’s curriculum,

Which has been tailored to make learning more interconnected for the students. 

STEAM education delivered through project-based learning makes it more hands-on for the children, 

Which is one of the distinguishing features that distinguishes Tapas from others. 

To make learning more enjoyable, interactive modules and masterclasses on gardening, hydroponics, math, robotics, astronomy, visual thinking, radio, sculpting, and other topics have been added.

Progressive Learning

How does Tapas implement Progressive Learning in school education?

Project-Based Learning  is one of the best aspects of Tapas progressive school. 

This is a dynamic learning format in which students actively explore real-world knowledge. 

Tapas’ project-based learning is all about the real world – the students are presented with real-world problems and challenges and given the opportunity to solve them all on their own. 

Learning becomes more enjoyable and contextual in this manner, preparing students to face whatever the future holds.

Come experience the power of Project-Based Learning for your child!

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Main School campus:

#213, B.M Kaval, Bangalore South Taluk, Off Kanakapura Road, Bangalore - 560082

Early Years Campus:

586B, Vajarahalli Main Road, Off Kanakapura Main Road, Banashankari 6th Stage, Kanakapura road, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560062

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