The world is evolving quickly. In comparison to ten years ago, the world has changed dramatically. Everything in our lives has changed, from cars to cellphones, from shopping to traveling, and from where we live to what we do for a living.

The epidemic has sped up development even further. As a result, businesses, managers, and workers are dealing with difficulties they have never encountered. To handle this chaos and unpredictability, there is a necessity for a wide range of collaborative learning spaces, talents, abilities, and skills.

We start learning at a young age. The majority of our brain’s growth occurs during our early years. Therefore, early education is crucial in developing skills, talents, and interests. These are the fundamental justifications for children needing higher education.

Meanwhile, schools across the country have only now started to try and diversify. But Tapas School, our curriculum is NEP 2020 compliant, and above that, we are amongst a select few schools in India that have already started implementing this.

Progressive educational institution provides numerous benefits if implemented well:

Depth Of Knowledge

An in-depth understanding of concepts is ensured through high-quality progressive education so that they can be used both in the classroom and in the real world. This is necessary for our children’s future employment and when they apply to the finest institutions. Ideally, the demand for expensive college preparatory programs would decrease due to high-quality education.

Creativity And Innovation

The world’s most innovative and creative people and companies have achieved great success. Unfortunately, the current educational system is built on a curriculum that will be assessed in an exam with one right answer. Instead, children are taught to think critically and consider several options in a progressive educational institution.

Working Well With Others

Being able to get along with people is one of the most crucial qualities, yet it’s typically not something that’s taught in schools. This characteristic cannot be cultivated if students spend most of their school days on individual tasks and being assessed individually. Instead, they are exposed to group and team activities via projects and problem-solving exercises in a progressive educational institution.


By using “project-based learning programs,” progressive schools consistently push students beyond their comfort zones. They are given tools to develop their minds.

Ability to Communicate Well

Traditionally, schools have yet to do much to help students improve their presenting and communication skills. From an early age children are prepared to present to a diverse group of people from an early age via progressive educational methods. Children are required to work in groups regularly so that they can develop their communication skills.

Ability to Listen Well

Building strong social and emotional connections is facilitated by the skill of active listening. Influential leaders ask questions and encourage their followers to do the same today, which is among the most crucial qualities for leaders. In addition, children’s participation in group projects and activities naturally fosters empathy and active listening abilities.


Knowing the subject thoroughly is the key to confidence. Children have more learning confidence when they apply what they have learned from collaborative learning spaces. Student-led seminars and project exhibitions further bolster confidence.

Ability to Influence Others

Children who work in groups develop their ability to achieve consensus, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

Lifelong Learning Habits

The most crucial skill of the twenty-first century is the ability to learn. According to CEOs and HR managers, one of the most vital skills is the ability to learn new things. Learning in a progressive environment involves using knowledge to resolve problems. Therefore, children should constantly acquire new skills owing to this.


Happy students are usually more focused. This is because retention and enhanced academic achievement are impacted by attention. So the best Progressive Learning Institutions in Bangalore, like Tapas School, put a lot of effort into developing a happy atmosphere where students look forward to studying and developing connections with their teachers.

Innovative methods have greatly boosted schooling. These days, teachers teach kids using more modern methods, including project-based learning programs, experiential, and inquiry-based learning.

The Positivity Brought By Progressive Learning Institue To Students

The progressivism method has some positive aspects. Instead of relying solely on memorization, recitation, and textbooks, progressive educators try to stir students’ interest in their studies. Before progressivism, in the 1890s, a strict reliance on these techniques was widely practiced in schooling.

At Tapas School, we know that students must learn the art of becoming completely automated—the skills of reading, writing, and mathematical factual information and operations. Moreover, learning facts and skills extends beyond the basic 3-R concepts. In math and English, the need persists through school writing and reading—through calculations and beyond.

Curriculum planners should create a curriculum that emphasizes content in the academic disciplines that are culturally significant, such as math, science, geography and history, literacies, music, and the arts. Education in these areas should be incremental and progressive, building on knowledge gained in prior years. Teachers, textbook authors, and curriculum developers shouldn’t disregard or abandon the tools, terminologies, and approaches that academic discipline practitioners have traditionally used. The wisdom practitioners have acquired through time by employing these methods and tools defines those disciplines.

We are mindful that explicit teaching is required to achieve advanced conceptual knowledge in all areas. Conceptual knowledge does not happen automatically; it requires intensive, prolonged study. A teacher’s role is to provide constant direction and, at times, to provide direct instruction to the student.

Final Thoughts

The solution to the nation’s broader economic problems lies in improving the education system, which is at the issue’s core. Employers demand talented individuals with the skills, attitudes, and knowledge required to work well in the changing era. All Indians can access the education they need to tackle these challenges if a progressive education approach is in place.

Tapas is amongst a handful of schools in the country that have embraced this approach and base their teaching on these innovative techniques.

All educational institutions—pre-nursery, nursery, kindergarten, and or primary schools—like Tapas School- must emphasize teaching kids using these innovative methods.

When searching for “a nursery school near me,” “Progressive Learning Institution in Bangalore,” or “project-based learning programs,” we should keep the latest developments in education in mind. Choosing the best school for our child could be our most crucial choice.

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